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Promise if you love.
Promise to keep love for your family.

DB insurance will be your
reliable friend.

Company Perspective

Pursue a happy society
with our customers.

Investment Perspective

Continue to be the
company with the best

Sustainable Management

Positive and sustainable
growth with our customers

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DB Insurance always puts
your value first

  • Last 54,500
  • Change(KRW) updown5000.93%
  • Vol. 36,58022.6%
  • Low 53,900
  • High 54,600
  • Upper Limit(KRW) 62,100
  • Lower Limit(KRW) 45,900
  • Financial Strengh Rating(FSR) A(Stable) for 12 consecutive years
  • Issuer Credit Rating(ICR) a+(Stable) for 6 consecutive yeare
  • Maintained A rating for
    2 consecutive years since 2018
    Rating Outlook, “Stable”