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DB Insurance has been carrying out systematic and powerful
management innovation activities to prepare for the future in a rapidly
changing financial environment.

We have secured an advanced service system based on innovation activities in all aspects of management, including manpower,
channels, and systems, as well as balanced development of sales, profits, and assets, and laid a solid foundation for sustainable growth.
DB Insurance promises to become a global insurance financial group that is on the shoulder of the world, surpassing the domestic insurance market
as a sustainable company that provides the value that customers want and fulfills its social responsibilities.

Global insurance and finance group that brings greater happiness to society in cooperation with its customers 

Goal - Secure global business capability, Build optimal profit structure based on high quality service, Build insurance financial business portfolio

Initiative - Globalization, Specialization, Adding High Value

Strategic - Expanding global sales base, Advanced Global management system, Creating new revenue through business diversification, Gain and maintain professional manpower, Gain industy-leading business competitiveness, Build sustainable profit base
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