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'DB is comprised of five core business divisions.'
Dream Big DB

The DB Group
began in 1969

The DB Group began in 1969 as a small company, Miryung Construction Company, Ltd. , founded by the visionary entrepreneur,
Mr. Junki Kim, on a start-up budget of only $25,000 with two employees.

The company, during the ensuing decade, has quickly grown into a leading construction firm in Korea, boosted in part, by its enormously
successful construction ventures in the Middle East.

By the late 1970s, Miryung Construction was well-capitalized with funds and amassed pivotal resources, which enabled the company
to lay down a framework for what is the DB Group today.

the 1980s,

Since the 1980s, DB has pursued a steady course of diversification and expansion.

Initially, the focus was primarily on Korea's much needed core industries: steel, fertilizer, construction, logistics, and finance. In time, DB aggressively expanded into high-tech industries and the global financial services industry to reach out to the demands of the challenging global market opportunities. DB, thereby, positioned itself well for sustained growth in these ever rapidly evolving and highly competitive businesses of the future. In an attempt to preserve the global community for future generations, DB launched 'green' strategies to become an environment friendly 'green' company, and implemented cutting edge ' green technologies' throughout the facilities wherever necessary.

Presently, DB is a Korean global conglomerate corporation. Although DB started nearly a half-century later than the other leading contemporary competitors in Korea, the corporation ranked as one of the top ten Korean conglomerates in 2000 based on a report by The Fair Trade Commission of the Korean Government.

Similarly, all the DB companies are commanding a top-tier presence in their respective fields of industries in Korea. DB is currently embarking on company-wide ambitious strategic plans with a full thrust to be a global leader in all classes of its businesses in the 2010s.

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