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Corporate Identity

DB insurance communication

Inheriting the history and traditions of the Dongbu, with the will and hope for the future.

Corporate Trademark

DB logo

Our corporate trademark is a symbol that represents DB Group
and is a central element of all of DB Group's communication activities.

A visual representation of the letters DB, our corporate trademark is the creative embodiment of Dongbu's
traditions and spirit. The orange and green colors of the symbol embody the history and traditions of Dongbu, while the blue color, which represents both "east" and "youth," expresses our hope and dedication to making the future better for everyone. Together, these three colors also symbolize the union of the "sun"
(orange) and "water" (blue) to create "life" (green).

Our corporate trademark must be used in careful accordance with the regulations outlined in the manual, and may not be altered for any reason.

Corporate Logo

DB Insurance

The balance and proportion of our logo have been set to ensure structural and compositional uniformity with the corporate trademark, and therefore may not be altered for any
reason. Uniform sizes have been applied to the font and letter-spacing. Therefore, if the letter-spacing or font size needs to be changed, such change must be done proportionally,
depending on the intended use.

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