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HumanRight Policy

All of DB Insurance’s stakeholders including its executives, employees and customers have inalienable rights to dignity and happiness as human beings.
DB Insurance joined the United Nations Global Compact(UNGC) in 2011 and has been abiding by the 10 principles presented by the UNGC ever since. It also advocates labor standards presented by the International Labor Organization(ILO), including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN General Assembly.


Korea in which DB Insurance is headquartered ratified 27 ILO Conventions including four core Conventions. We sincerely abide by the ratified Conventions as they are in force on equal terms with domestic laws. We comply with labor, human rights and working conditions standards not only in Korea but in all nations and regions where we do business.
In addition, our human rights policy is applicable to not only our executives and employees but also all stakeholders on equal terms, including our customers, partners, local communities, etc.

Stakeholder Engagement

DB Insurance acknowledges that its business activities have influence on its shareholders and investors, customers, employees, and local communities. Accordingly, we identify stakeholders’ interest and anticipations including human rights matters through steady communications and do our utmost to incorporate them in our business activities.

Communication & Training

With its Sustainability Reports, DB Insurance discloses its activities related to stakeholders’ human rights and their outcomes. In addition, it is dedicated to continuously increasing awareness of human rights among its executives and employees, as well as partners’ employees. If an issue regarding human rights arises, relevant departments(HR management department and legal compliance department) conduct human rights due diligence.

Principles of Human Rights

  • (Respect for humanity) DB Insurance’s executives and employees are inherently free, dignified, and equal beings, and therefore are endowed with rights to humane treatment.
  • (Prohibition of discrimination) They are entitled to enjoy all of their rights and freedom without any discrimination over their race, skin color, gender, language, religion, nationality and ethnicity, disability, pregnancy and marital status, political preference, educational backgrounds and age, among others.
  • (Freedom of assembly and association) Employees have the right to the freedom of assembly and association without fear of retaliation and intimidation. The company sincerely negotiates with the elected representatives of workers.
  • (Protection of privacy and honor) Others may not interfere in employees’ privacy, family matters, housing and telecommunication, among others, and any infringement on individuals’ reputation and honor is prohibited.
  • (Labor and compensation) Employees are given equal opportunities for self-development under fair working conditions. The company implements fair employee evaluations and compensations in accordance with their performances.
  • (Working hours and environment) The company observes national and local regulations on working hours and paid vacations and continues putting forth efforts to provide safe and pleasant working environments.
  • (Prohibition of forced and child labor) Forced labor against employees’ free will and the employment of those that are under the minimum working age provided by the state are prohibited.
  • (Protection of personal information) DB Insurance recognizes customers’ personal information as their valuable assets and therefore, demands a minimum amount of such information. At the same time, the company takes the best measures to safeguard customers’ personal information.
  • (Fair trade) DB Insurance regards outsourcing firms and suppliers as its equal partners and does not take advantage of its superior position during business with partners.
    We are working hard for win-win growth on an equal footing with partners.
  • (Development of local communities) DB Insurance keeps in mind its responsibilities for the development of local communities as a corporate citizen. Hence, the company makes a great contribution to society and investment after taking into account social and environmental impacts.
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